Scenic Float Trips

Our scenic floats on the Yellowstone River provide ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and catch sight of the wildlife often seen on the banks. Bring your camera! Led by our professional river guides, trips average three hours and are scheduled throughout the day. We handle the details and you handle the fun. Our floats cater to individuals and groups of all ages and sizes and offer a great way to become acquainted with the river.

  • Paddle Raft: Everyone has a paddle and joins in the fun.
  • Rowing Raft: Sit back and enjoy the scenery while our guide rows you down the river.

Instructional Floats

If you would like to learn how to float the river on your own, choose one of our instructional floats. We cover all the basic skills, including rigging your boat, rowing and/or paddling, reading the water, trip planning, basic safety procedures, and boating regulations. Many of our clients use our instructional floats as a stepping stone to using our rentals or to purchase one of our new or used boats. Learn it right the first time with a professional instructor.

  • Paddle Raft: Covers all the river basics and paddle strokes as well as how to command a paddle raft. Bring friends or family along- you’ll need a crew.
  • Rowing Raft: Learn basic rowing and river skills as our instructor first demonstrates, then has you take the oars. Additional passengers are welcome.